These Single Biker Girls On Facebook Will Blow Your Mind. (pics)

How is this even possible?

I am pretty sure the handlebars have been raised with these girls (man that pun was freaking awesome, wasn’t it?). If you are a single guy, you have no excuse, there are like an incredible amount of girls out there looking and not enough guys responding. One dating article I was reading actually said not enough guys send real messages to girls, they just end copy and paste stuff.

One of our Biker Planet girl members told us via email, “if guys only knew how many girls are single and how many are just looking for a guy to write an original message, they’d be in heaven.”



So what do single girls online prefer? Almost every girl polled prefers original messages, something authentic, even if the guy just says hi! Most girls have said they can smell a copy and paste job from a mile away!