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The 7 Hidden Benefits to Dating A Biker

An adventurous spirit, a rugged look, the sense of spontaneity…we’ve all heard about some of those perceived benefits of dating someone who rides a motorcycle. But if you ask those who have done it before, you’ll find there are actually a few bonuses too! In this article, we tell you all about the hidden benefits of dating…

The 11th annual Veterans for Veteran Bikers event

  KTBS 3 – Shreveport The 11th annual Veterans for veteran Bikers event will be held this weekend in Shreveport. Watch one of the organizers talk more about the event in the video below: KTBS.com – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports (Via KTBS 3)

Cold Beer, Hot Chicks At The Hideout

If a biker and new to the San Diego region, it is recommended you plan a ride to the Hideout Steakhouse and Saloon. Getting there from San Diego means riding one of two practical routes: east through Ramona on Route 78, turning north on Route 79 at Santa Ysabel (just past Dudley’s Bakery), and then…