How to Make Online Dating Interesting

It’s completely normal to start getting bored with your online dating profile. It happens to everyone after a while. All conversations start to seem identical, and no one seems interesting enough thus your desire to meet someone new starts wearing out.

If this is how you feel, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with several tips and easy tricks to shake things up and make online dating fun again. Without wasting any time, let’s get to it!

1. Ask a Friend to Pick Matches and Write Responses for You

If you have a friend you trust, having them take over your dating profile for one day could shake things up for you big time – in a good way. Ask them to stroll down potential dates and pick several they think might be interesting for you. Let them start up a conversation on your behalf. It’s a super fun experiment. Once you have a friend by your side you won’t feel like you’re alone in the whole thing – not to mention the tons of laughs and giggles the two of you are going to have while talking to cute people.

2. Ask Your Crush Anything That Comes to Mind

So, let’s say you’re on a dating site and there’s a member you really like, but the conversation never really took off and you’re getting seriously bored with it all. You’re thinking about giving up on the crush altogether. To shake up the dull conversation, ask thought-provoking questions. Any questions that come to mind. Ask them about their favorite cartoon character as a child, ask them about the most ridiculous question anyone ever asked them, or ask them if they can touch their nose with their tongue. Don’t overthink your questions, just ask away. Ask about anything that might interest you.

This is an awesome way to start and interesting conversation that’s engaging and making you want to talk more and get to know each other better.

3. Shape up Your Dating Profile

Go over your dating profile and think about how interesting it looks to potential dates. Give it a quick makeover to make sure it represents you in the best way possible. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, it could be something minor like changing the way you express yourself, or adding a new photo.

4. Go on A Photoshoot Because Why Not

Your photos are clearly the most important aspect of your dating profile. They make up the first impression you make on people so make sure your photos are fabulous. Candid photos attract more attention. Even though most of the photos on dating sites are posed selfies, the ones that were taken by someone else, where potential matches can see the full figure of the person and their true look – without flattering angles from above, are the most successful ones. Show your true beautiful self.

Ask an artsy friend to take your photos or hire a photographer. Be confident and smile, let the person who takes the photos capture what they see the best in you.

5. Take Risks and Say Yes

Say yes to opportunities for fun. They don’t have to end up being the best dates ever, but they just might become exactly that. Take a positive approach to life and stop ditching opportunities just because you don’t think they are the perfect match for you. The problem with online dating is overanalyzing, which rarely happens in real life dating. Give that cute member a chance, even though you’re a vegan, and they aren’t.

Being open to romance will bring romance into your life. Give people a chance and you’ll end up having loads of fun.