The Most Surprising Online Dating Behaviors People Are Secretly Judging You For


When it comes to dating deal-breakers, we all have them. It might be the fact the person tips very poorly, or they mistreat the waiter, or they smell bad, or they listen to Just Bieber. A deal-breaker is a complete turn off, regardless of how awesome we thought the person was in the first place.

It’s not a surprise there are many deal-breakers when it comes to online dating profiles – but the dealbreakers themselves might come as a surprise to you. Read on.

Slow down with the emoji game


Women and girls tend to hate emojis. They use them, but they hate it when a guy is over – emojional. It looks childish, it looks girly, they hate it.


You’re grammar is off = no date


Horrible grammar is annoying. You get a feeling you’re talking to a “slow” person, and that doesn’t mean people who are mentally challenged shouldn’t date, it just means it makes healthy people look like they’re mentally challenged.

And lose the cat smileys already!


The only thing worst than a bunch of emojis is a bunch of cat emojis. Most of us just don’t get it. Are you saying you’re a cat? Are you trying to be cute? Because it’s showing. And it doesn’t look cute. At all.



Many people just write “Hi” in a message, and then that’s it. Nothing else. What should the response be? What kind of a conversation starter are you thinking this “Hi” is? It’s annoying and not attractive at all.

Turn off those read recipients


When someone messages you and sees you’ve read their message, but you don’t get back to them, you will leave them feeling like cr*p. You don’t want that, right? So, what’s the solution – get back to them. Or turn off the read recipients.

The DOTS. . .


The dots… The dramatic, super-meaningful dots… People tend to end each sentence with those… Maybe to give some drama to the conversation… Maybe they think it’s romantic… It’s not…

No one wants a Gaston.


Conceited people are ridiculous. Seriously: NO ONE wants a Gaston. If you come off as a conceited person, peopel are going to assume you’re just as ridiculous and annoying in real life. And you’re probably bad in the bedroom department. Yep.


Photos of your testicles aren’t getting girls aroused


D*ck pics are the worst, just ask any woman on the planet who has access to a dating site (or some social network, while we’re at it). WOmen can’t understand why guys take them and send them. Are you in love with your penis? Do you really think you’re going to amaze the girl with that pic? Are you aware of the fact these photos are rarely flattering? Just stop.

Having deal-breakers is a huge deal-breaker


Then again, there are people who think that scratching someone just because they said “Hi” is ridiculous. You might be one step ahead of having too many deal-breakers. Maybe you’ve missed meeting the love of your life because they used a cat emoji once.


Do you agree with some of these? What’s your deal-breaker?



(Via: TechMic)