Thousands Of bikers Hit Daytona Beach For 23rd Annual Biketoberfest

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The 23rd annual Biketoberfest that starts Thursday has made thousands of bikers pack up and hit Daytona Beach.
Check out a raw video:

City officials have discussed the three day event with the law enforcement. The final preparations have been made on Wednesday on Main Street.

Sheriff Ben Johnson said law enforcement wants everyone to have fun, but be careful about drinking and riding.

“If they’re going to consume alcohol, get a taxi cab. We don’t want them leaving here in a body bag. We don’t want something happening to them. We don’t want them visiting our hospitals,” said Johnson.

Officials have said the financial boost from this event will be felt all over central Florida. Last year, $15 million was pumped into the local economy, thanks to this event.
(via WFTV)