5 Things He’s Hiding On His Dating Profile

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Have you ever wondered what are the things he’s hiding on his dating profile?

The Cornell University conducted a study recently and discovered that around 80% of people using dating apps lie about something in their profile description.

This is a list of 5 things men most commonly lie about on their profiles.

They lie about their intentions

The fact a man is on a dating site doesn’t always mean he’s looking for a long-term relationship. A large portion of guys out there only pretend they’re looking for love – in fact, all they want is to have some fun. The thing is guys know most women are looking for love, so they pretend to be looking for the same thing just so they would get intimate with the ladies. Most of these guys play the very same game with every woman; they send similar messages (or exactly the same) to several women and just wait for the ones that believe him.

Of course, there are many guys out there who are looking for love for real. The important thing here is not be able to tell an honest man from a liar.

They lie about their jobs

Let’s say a guy’s profile says he’s the CEO of a company. Let’s say it’s a company you or anyone you know has never heard of. Of course, it’s very possible it’s a startup that’s about to make a great entrance into the business world. But, it’s also possible this guy just thinks he has an awesome idea for some app or a game and doesn’t really do anything about it.

Asking a guy what his role in his company is or precisely what kind of a job he does is always a good idea. CEO might seem flashy, but it explains nothing nowadays.

They lie about their height

The average guy will say he’s around 2 inches taller than he really is. This is somewhat of a rule because it’s so often, it’s incredible. Guys simply assume you won’t be able to determine those few inches if you go out on a date, so they lie about it. The fact someone is a few inches smaller than they say they are is really no biggie, but it might be important for you to know he’s insecure about his height and has to lie about it. If you’re the type of person who’d prefer knowing this, the best way to know how tall he really is – is to ask for his driver’s license.  Do it in a funny way, say something about your driver’s license photo looking hideous and ask to see what his photo looks like. No one lies about their height when they’re getting a license (or at least we hope so).


They lie about their worldliness

Often you’ll see men say they love to travel on their dating profiles. This might mean he has actually seen the world, but in many cases, it just means he takes occasional trips without ever leaving the States.

A guy also might say he’s really into wine and knows a lot about gastronomy, while in fact, the only “exotic” tastes he’s had are Champagne and Italian pizza.

Men often write things that make them seem more worldly and sophisticated than they actually are.

They lie about their relationship statuses

Ok, this is a big one. Many times a guy will have a profile on a dating site, saying he’s available while in fact, he’s in a serious relationship, or worse – married. Also, the “single” status can mean he’s recently divorced and heavily depressed about it, or he hadn’t been with a woman in ages and needs some intimate time desperately. Some men are going through hard break-ups, so even though they are single in theory, they remain emotionally unavailable.