7 Reasons You Love Being A Biker (Number 5 is the Best!)




As if we all didn’t already know why we love being bikers – it’s hands down the best life possible – we thought pointing out several of the most remarkable reasons would be cool.

Check them out and tell us if your favorites are mentioned, and it not – let u know what they are!

  1. Saving gas

Many people think of fuel costs when you ask them about motorcycling. Although there’s so much more to riding than just saving gas, it still is true that riding a bike costs a lot less gas than riding a car.

  1. Insurance is cheap and that’s awesome

The lightweight of your motorcycle (compared to the weight of a car) will cause less risk to others, thus insurance is cheaper than car insurance. The truth is insurance companies are focused on the damage you could do to another vehicle, so ensuring a bike is a lot cheaper than insuring a car.


Here comes the REAL reason for loving the biker life. Riding a motorcycle makes you feel free like nothing else does. You feel completely unchained to the ordinary world and it’s as close to a flying feeling as a land vehicle could possibly give you.

  1. Full Exposure

You are completely exposed to the world around you, and you feel the world is exposed to you too. No cage, no steel, stiff frame between you and Mother Nature. You get involved actively in all its beauties and you become one with everything that surrounds you.

  1. Being Bold and Sexy is Also Good

It’s common knowledge that bikers are considered bolder and sexier than ordinary people. Long gone are the days when bikers were considered outlaws. Society has embraced the free spirit of the biker life, and many non-riders cherish it as something wild and free.

  1. You develop mentally

Riding makes your mind think faster, do more, and you start being more involved in living life in general. Partly it’s because, for safety reasons, you simply need to be extremely attentive while riding. All of our senses enhance while we ride.

  1. The FUN!

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences. All of the sensations and sounds, the feeling of being connected to your surroundings, the thrill, the sense of freedom, it all comes down to one thing: riding is fun as hell!