Bikers Now Allowed To Run Red Lights In Kentucky. Good or Bad?


When it comes to red lights and bikers, well, they don’t always mix that well. Motorcycles aren’t heavy or robust enough to always trigger light changes, amounting to a load of frivolous time wasted for bikers (and those behind them) sitting at red lights.

Obviously, many bikers wait until appropriate moments and carefully go ahead, but the law has always upheld that to be illegal. Sensors look for vehicle weight or metal and motorcycles aren’t always “good enough” to get that coveted green light of mercy.


At least now in Kentucky, that’s changing. HB 370 is a new piece of legislation which allows motorcyclists in Kentucky to “run a red light.” And it the new law is live starting on this Wednesday.

One biker says he sees the good and bad about this law.

( via wsaz) “I have mixed feelings about it,” Ellerbe said. “From the perspective of a motorcycle driver, I could understand why the law would be a good thing. But then I’m looking at pedestrians and other drivers. You know, are they going to pay attention to the other drivers and pedestrians?”


The law should serve to be a better, more efficient mechanism for travel all over Kentucky. Do you agree?

feature Photo by moriza