Texas Bikers Say They Are Innocent Regarding Waco Shootout.


The most tragic biker story of this summer continues. Back in may there was a fight between rival bikers that quickly escalated into a disastrous shootout. It all happened near a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Nine people were killed and 20 injured. A total of 177 people were arrested.

Out of the 177, a few claim they don’t belong to any biker club or gang at all. Walt and Ester Weaver are some of these people. Walt is completely stunned by the actions of the authorities and the way this situation is handled.

Walt is a veteran and he still works for the Army. He’s a 54-year-old Harley rider and says he used to be a member of some clubs in the past but isn’t one now.

Many other stories just like this are on NPR today. (click here for more)

The key in this is the massive amount of bikers involved and the chaotic environment of which it happened in creating a real troublesome environment for collecting evidence and finding reliable witnesses. Hopefully, those who truly are innocent are able to rectify the situation sooner, rather than later.

Photo by Sam Howzit