Dog Riding Motorcycle At 70mph. Wait, What? (insane video)




I’ve seen a few things in my life. Like I once saw hundreds of sharks decimate a group of fish at the beach. I also remember seeing Pizza Hut add cheese inside their crust ends (seriously, that was pretty crazy to me).

But this IS a first.

This dog, strapped to the back of a biker, is doing a legit 70mph on a freeway. That’s the I-15, so maybe LA or LA to Vegas? I have no idea where this woman and her dog are going, but we should share this article and get the “back story” if we can.

Is she a Biker Planet member? If so, her video is sure to get tons of views, my biker friends. Yes, the dog is wearing doggy goggles. No one else should post any motorcycle videos for at least a week because this shit is winning.