Car Owners Call Motorcyclist “Bullies” Over Cali Lane Splitting Bill

Color me confused, but having lived in Los Angeles for years, I really thought this was already legal?

All the same, the California Assembly passed approved Assembly Bill 51, which would permit motorcyclists to split lanes so long as they aren’t going anymore than 50 mph or 15 mph faster than adjacent lane traffic is moving. The bill is now heading to Senate. It passed overwhelmingly, 53 to 11. But not everyone is happy about this, namely automobile drivers who may have to look up from texting more often than they’d like.

Cheryl Hale of Concord said motorcyclists were “bullies on the road who expect everyone to just move over and give them the space they need”

I think the idea here is that they are “splitting lanes,” which means that your car doesn’t actually have to move over. When I am riding, the one thing that stands out for me when it comes to motorist is that they are driving incredibly distracted (texting, makeup, eating those Taco Bell one handed breakfast that are advertised┬áto be eaten WHILE YOU DRIVE).

Maybe when motorists start taking the road as serious at riders, then we can have this conversation. Until then, point out a motorcyclist texting or applying makeup to me when you have it.