How To Have An Awesome 1st Date With A Biker

© kozirsky/Dollar Photo Club

So, you’ve met a hot biker and your first date is just around the corner. Dating a biker might seem challenging, especially if you have no previous experience, but once you realize bikers are far less complicated than people who don’t enjoy an occasional ride, you’ll understand there’s nothing to stress about.

The truth is it’s very easy to impress a biker with an outstanding first date. They have a great sense of adventure, they are free spirited, they enjoy the little things and they are very adaptable. Does this sound threatening? Not at all, if you ask me.

When planning your first date with a biker, you should be aware of several things: they don’t care for expensive restaurants with dishes they can’t even pronounce properly; they don’t care for colorful cocktails with cheesy umbrellas, nor do they think sitting at a restaurant for hours is fun. Their idea of a good time won’t clear up your wallet, nor will it make you feel the need you have to dazzle them by pretending to be someone else. Free spirits such as bikers enjoy the sense of freedom and adventure, and they most certainly enjoy people who are laid back, outgoing, and not afraid to show their true nature.

What you need to ask yourself, when planning that big date, is: what would a biker like to do? Going on a ride is the first logical answer that comes to mind, and yes, taking off with your motorcycle and feeling the power of the roaring bike together is the best thing you can do.

But where should you go?

Plan The Route And The Destination

If we lived in a perfect world, you would come up with a gorgeous, scenic ride that leads to an awesome restaurant instantly, but in the real world, you might have to work on this idea a bit. The best thing about taking a biker on a date is the fact that the main point is to be out there doing something together – the rest is just a cherry on top. If you want to come up with a perfect plan, sit down and think about what your area has to offer. Use your imagination; think about what would be fun to see up close, which road is traffic free and good for a ride. Where would you like this biker of yours to take you?

Maybe some of these ideas will get your imagination flowing:

  • Is there a town nearby with great architecture? Take a ride all the way to it and then have a break when you arrive, taking your date to lunch at an unusual restaurant.
  • Drive out to a small place in the country and stroll around it until you find a nice scenic hilltop for a picnic. Prepare the picnic basket at home and bring lunch with you.
  • Look up the local landmarks and stay in the city. Have an exciting ride down the longest street you can think of, and then visit several historic spots from place to place. Learn new stuff about your city and amaze your date by hitting them with interesting info.

Bikers are very observant. Their very lives depend on carefully looking around them and actually seeing what they are looking at. Your date will appreciate the fact you too enjoy noticing everything around you – the nature, the architecture, the people. Think of a long, clean road that leads to a scenic place, and go for it.

The Only Rule Is To Have Fun!

Remember, when dating a biker, even when you have a precise plan, there are no set rules. Try to be flexible enough to change your plans and stop anywhere along the road to do anything you or your date might want to do. If you planned on heading to the beach, but saw a nice looking grill/café/ restaurant along the way, then that’s the new plan! Get off your bike and buy your date a cold drink, use the break to find out more about their free spirited nature. Bikers are the best storytellers you’ll ever meet. Someone who has ridden across the country for several times has many interesting things to say. Chat, flirt, laugh, enjoy your drink. As long as you’re having fun, it’s all good.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy looking to impress a biker girl, or a girl who wants to sweep a hot biker dude off his feet, jumping on a bike with the person of interest right behind you, or right in front of you is an unforgettable experience. And bikers know this. Feel the power of the motorcycle running up and down your spine while holding on tight to that wild, sexy beast you’re having a date with, add a perfect sense of freedom that runs through your body, and I promise you, you will both have the time of your life.