What Makes Biker Guys So Irresistible

Biker holding helmet with motorcycle on sunset.

There is something about bikers that makes them irresistible to women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Women just can’t look away when a hot man on a motorcycle comes in sight. They give the bad-boy appeal a new dimension and you can’t spot that kind of allure anywhere else. Let’s be honest here, what’s sexier than a man on a Harley? Only one thing – a woman on a Harley, of course, but in this post, we’re focusing on the testosterone wonders we all like to drool over: biker guys.

Did you know that the term “motorcycle” is among the most popular terms women type in search directories, when browsing through online profiles? And this doesn’t only refer to biker gals, but all women in general. At the end of the day, every woman wants a man with a little extra of that special ingredient in a guy: testosterone. Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with metrosexuals and sensitive guys, but a rebellious, fearless man – is a rebellious, fearless man. The magic that comes along with that charming bad boy vibe splattered with independence and self-reliance is what a true man is all about. And no one pulls it off like bikers do.

Bikers Have An Unstoppable Lust For Life

We know for a fact that biker buys are considered strong, adventurous, rebellious and tough. Fortunately, they are now more socially acceptable than they were in the past. Any respectable citizen can have a candid fun-factor in their garage, and turn into a smoking hot biker whenever they feel like it. Just like tattoos, motorcycles are no longer exclusively associated with outlaws, but that sexy bad boy vibe still lives on, and let’s thank the heavens for that.

Although biker guys freely embrace risks and tend to be on the rebellious side, the tough bad-boy exterior is, in fact, perfectly balanced by a soft, kind side when they’re off their ride. They are protective of their woman; they know how to make a girl happy in every way. Most of the bikers I’ve ever known are kind, intelligent men with hearts so big, they could fit the whole world in there. Yes, they are masculine, yes, they are tough, but they are also some of the sweetest, gentlest men you’ll come across.

Bikers Are Spontaneous

Any guy who owns a bike and enjoys riding it is the sort of a man you can expect to say: “Wanna go for a ride?” out of the blue. If the mood hits him, and he wants to head to the seashore, or the roads, or anywhere else, he will most certainly seize the moment and indulge his cravings. And the best part is: he’ll take his woman with him.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of the wind blowing in your face, while you’re squeezed with your big, sexy men. All you need to do is relax and let him take you for a ride that’s going to make you feel free, excited, empowered, strong and feminine at the same time. Is there a girl in this world that wouldn’t like this feeling? I don’t think so.

Bikers Are The Only Possible Match For Biker Girls

When a woman owns a bike and considers herself an avid rider, she simply can’t be with a man whose idea of a good time is sitting on the couch all night, eating popcorn. Boring, convenient guys can’t keep up with all the passion and lust for adventure biker gals have. Of course they are going to look for a man with a motorcycle. Not because riding together itself gives space for meaningful conversations (it doesn’t), but because they share a huge passion, and they understand each other perfectly. You can’t have that with an ordinary guy. You can’t take an ordinary guy on a ride with you, without feeling more powerful than he is – and no real woman wants that. A biker girl wants to find a tough, strong man with a motorcycle, so their bikes can roar together and make them feel as connected as possible.

Dating a biker makes even the toughest women feel girly and tender. Nowadays, women no longer look to men for affirmation, or permission. As awesome as this might be, we all like to feel like a lady every once in a while. Jumping on your man’s bike and letting him lead the way, trusting him with your life and feeling like a protected, tender woman is one of the best feelings a gal can get. It might sound a little bit old fashioned – and it probably is, but, boy, does it feel good!

Bikers: the ultimate rebellious, strong, masculine, protective and sweet men – this is what dreams are made of.