Things Guys Think You Lie About on Your Dating Profile

lie photo

If you think men believe everything they read on your dating profile, you are very wrong. Many of them have learned the sad truth: many women lie on their dating profiles. This is why men tend to think women in general lie about themselves.

Here is a list of thing men think women lie about on their profiles:

They think you lie about your looks

The hands down number one thing men think women lie about is their physics. Let’s be clear, there are many things you can lie about when it comes to looks, and men fear them all.

Your weight, your body type, your face without make-up and Photoshop, your height… You name it, they fear it. Make no mistake; men aren’t convinced you look the way your profile photo says you look. The reason is very simple: many women post photos of their faces only, so you can’t really tell anything about their bodies – and also, many women post photos that are 5+ years old.

The unwritten rule is – if you only show your face, men will think you either don’t have a presentable body, or you’re insecure about the body you have. Either way, a face- only photo scream insecurities.

Own your sexiness, show your full self. After all, if you set a date, it’s very unfair to show up 5 years older than your photo says, or 30 pounds heavier.

They think you lie about your age

Many men have experienced going out with a woman who says she’s 25, when in fact she’s 32. Out of all lies, this is probably the silliest one too. What if things go perfect, what if the couple clicks perfectly? Should the woman continue to lie for the rest of their life as a couple? How would she? What if they meet each other families or move in together?
As minor as this lie might sound, it’s VERY around and it is common knowledge that women lie very often about their age, especially on dating sites.

They think you lie about your romantic goals

If a woman says she’s looking for something casual a guy might not believe her. The reason for this is that many women lie about looking for just a fling while, in fact, deep inside they crave real commitment. Their desire for a real relationship turns up after a couple of dates/weeks or even months, and it leaves men feeling trapped.