THIS Is The Real Reason You Never Seem To Get What You Want

conversation photo

Most of us have a close friend, you know the kind: you finish each other’s sentences, you know exactly what the other one’s thinking and you feel you can tell this person anything.

While you might be comfortable around this person, this might not be the case with your co-workers, your spouse, or even your children. Why? Because you choose not to communicate with them the way you do with your best friend.

When a person isn’t open and sincere about their wishes, goal and desires in a relationship, be that relationship business related or a personal one, it leads to frustration. It’s not frustrating for you only – it’s frustrating for the other side as well.

The answer and solution to all these situations is very simple: TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT.  That’s it. That’s all.


Despite what you might think, there are no mind readers. If you feel insecure about saying your wishes out loud and assume people are going to figure it out by themselves, you’re leaving huge space for misunderstandings.

Many people feel like they are being too pushy if they state their opinions loudly or ask for what they want. Many of us think we would come off as needy if we always stated the things that we disagree with. This isn’t the case. The only way people will know what you want is for you to tell them.

Out of all the relationships in our lives, there should be only a few that give us the bad vibe. It can’t be avoided, some people won’t like us and we won’t like them. But for the most part, you SHOULD feel you’re on the same side with the people you interact with; you should feel you’re on the same team.

Talk to people. Tell them what you want. Start with small things and watch how it all unveils. Once you realize you have to ask so you can receive, all of your relationships are going to start developing in a much smoother, satisfying way.