The Amazing Biker/Artist – Albie Espinola


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How many of us are lucky enough to live our greatest passion, and actually make a living out of it? Albie Espinola is an amazing artist who is living the dream and capturing its essence in his paintings.

“I’m a person who loves life and hopes to inspire people to live their dream. My purpose in life is to create art that will last generations. My passion is motorcycles. There are not many other things in life that give me feelings of freedom and happiness than when I’m creating masterpieces or exploring the world on my Harley-Davidson.
Inspired by the impressionist masters of yesteryear as well as modern legend motorcycle artist David Mann, my motorcycle portraits are painted in suggestive, layered details, right down to the reflections within reflections using timeless oil paints for my art.”

Albie says each painting has hidden messages that are quite hidden from the naked eye. They are encased within the layers of paint. He documents all of his art from start to finish so people can have a clear insight into how much work and time is put into these masterpieces.

Check out the rest of Albie’s amazing work at his official website.