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Bikers Plan Ride Through Four States in Two Days

Photo: Printscreen

Photo: Printscreen

At 5 a.m. Friday, Rob Keller and Mike Wamboldt will start their four-state-long ride across North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.
The two of them want to travel 1500 miles in 36 hours with ten 15 minute stops along the way.

Both Wamboldt and Keller belong to the Iron Butt Association which dedicates itself to long-distance motorcycle enthusiasts. – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND

Keller and Wamboldt have named their trip!
The first 1000 miles are called the Saddlesore, and the last 500 miles are called the Bun Burner.
Although riding for such a long time might sound like work to you, Keller and Wamboldt say it’s just for fun and they can’t wait to hit the road, while also being excited about the sights of the fall season along the way.

“You know seeing the fauna, smelling the fauna of the cut alfalfa and the harvesting. You know there is a thousand different reasons why people ride and it’s all different for each person,” says Rob Keller.

Keller and Wamboldt plan to be back in Bismarck at 3:41 p.m. on Saturday.

(via KX News)

Bikers Gear Up For Pink Ribbon Ride

Photo:©millefloreimages/Dollar Photo Club

Photo:©millefloreimages/Dollar Photo Club


This Sunday, October 11, the Women’s International Motorcycle Association’s (WIMA) annual Pink Ribbon Ride in Auckland is expected to gather more than 350 bikers raising fund for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

The gathering will be held at the AMI Auckland Netball Centre in St Johns at 10:30am, which is the exact place where the ride will start. The ride is going to finish at Western Springs Stadium by 11:15am.

Everyone is more than welcome to join the ride with a $10 badge purchase as the entry fee. The public is also encouraged to adorn their bikes with a pink ribbon.

At the end of the ride there will be barbecue, coffee vans and raffles at Western Springs Stadium.

This is the 12th anniversary of this event. WIMA’s National Pink Ribbon Ride Co-ordinator, Christine Mudford is amazed at how many riders continue to attend each year.

“This event has proven to be very successful within the Motorcycle Charity Ride Calendar and the general public. It is a great event and I’m looking forward to a great turnout again this year. People come from all around the region, often because of their own connection to this disease,” she says. (via Maori Television)

Since the first ride took place in 2004, WIMA has raised over $85,000 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

(via Maori Television)

Dangerous Stunts On Florida Highway Caught On Camera

Photo: Printscreen

Photo: Printscreen

A group of stunt artists performed a rather interesting, and pretty much dangerous show on Florida highway on Sunday. There were many dangerous motorcycle tricks involved, and while most of the bikers had lots of fun, one of them was arrested.

The video footage shows a group of bikers on motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes weaving in and out of traffic, and even popping a few wheelies.

Palm Beach Security police officers decided to pull over several stunt performers and confiscate their vehicles, after they’ve decided they were illegal and not safe for the road.

Photo: Printscreen

Photo: Printscreen

(via Global News)

Bikers Support A Children’s Organization

Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner (

Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner (

The parking lot at Cleveland Middle School was covered with motorcycles on Saturday, Oct. 3. Many bikers came and enjoyed the barbecue and the Ride for the Bear motorcycle ride.
This is the second year that The Lindsay Foundation has hosted such an event. They host a ride in the fall and an annual spring ride, as well.
The Lindsay Foundation was created after Lindsay tragically passed in 1999. Laurie McMillan and her mother Helen are the founders of this foundation and they’ve founded it to assist children with disabilities and special needs.

“When we started this foundation, we were literally begging people to apply for help and to let us help them,” said Laurie. (via Your Houston News)

Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner (

Photo credit: Stephanie Buckner (

The foundation is now a nationally recognized nonprofit and it sees thousands of applicants from families in need each year.
The Ride of the Bear is the organization’s lifeline event and it brings hundreds of bikers annually – all of them eager to ride together and show their support for the organization and its mission.

(via Your Houston News)

Barber Vintage Festival Coming Up: October 9th – 11th!

Photo: Clutch & Chrome

Photo: Clutch & ChromeA racing event from the 10th annual Barber Vintage Festival

Bikers have their calendars quickly filling up with events in the United Sates.Among the closest ones arriving is the Annual Barber Vintage Festival, taking place from October 9th – 11th.

Some call it one of the most anticipated motorcycle events in the world. If you are a biker who rides the more classic road, this event is a must-see.

There are many reasons why you should consider attending the event: Motus Motorcycles will be hosting a Block Party, the life of John Britten will be celebrated, and as of yesterday’s announcements, one of the world’s biggest names among motorcycle gear brands will be an exclusive sponsor!
REV’IT! combines high fashion and modern, innovative technology for their designs.
The company feels this event fits in perfectly with their approach to motorcycle gear.

“We admire Barber’s enthusiast-driven approach to motorcycles,” says Paolo Bacchiarello, Director of Operations for REV’IT! USA. “We think our design concepts are a perfect match for the spirit of Barber Motorsports Park, and for all those who care about the technology inside a motorcycle just as much as its aesthetics.” (via Clutch & Chrome)

REV’IT! Will display its full Fall/Winter 2015 Tailored Technology collection at the event, but you can also see their custom, all-wheel drive motorcycle, the “REV’IT! #95”. New partner of REV’IT!, Revival Cycles will make sure the line of gear is available for purchase.

Another big motorcycle name, Motus Motorcycles is looking forward to the event as well. They even consider the Barber Vintage Festival their favorite motorcycle event. As they are celebrating the 3rd annual Motus block party, they are offering demo rides both at the event and also at the factory.

In conjunction with the festival, Motus Motorcycles will host its 3rd Annual Motus Factory Block Party. Attendees can head over to the Motus factory after Vintage Fest on Saturday, October 10th and enjoy locally made BBQ, great music, motorcycles as well as the Motus HQ being open to the public. (via Clutch & Chrome)

More info and tickets here!

LA Bikers Toyz for Kidz Auction On Thursday, October 22.


Are you thinking about Christmas yet? If you thought it was too early for that, think again. For some bikers, Christmas plans keep happening all year around.

LA Bikers Toyz for Kidz auction is set for Thursday, October 22, 6 p.m., at the PWC building, 106 East Avenue.

A sneak preview was hosted few days ago, on Thursday, September 24. Pee Wee and Ann Powel have hosted the lunch preview and everyone who came could take a look at some of the best handcrafted furniture that includes chairs, swings, gazebos, grill tables, hutches and more.

On the evening of the auction, hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches will be served. There will also be a $1 raffle drawing for various items.

Remember to mark your calendar because this event will let you meet up with fellow bikers, enjoy sandwiches and hot dogs, buy yourself a wonderful handcrafted piece of furniture, and the most important of all – help children have a good Christmas.

You can see a preview of the furniture here: LA Bikers auction preview 2015
For more information, visit or Facebook LaBikers.


Bikers At The 12th Annual Toy And Poker Run

Photo: Printscreen

Photo: Printscreen

On Sunday, September 27th, The Hadi Shriners held the 12th annual Toy and Poker Run.

The event was organized for collecting toys and raising money for the Shriners Children’s Hospital. In order to take part in the 112-mile course run, you had to donate a toy.
As we all know, bikers tend to be big-hearted people, and some of them thought the price was just too low. There were 311 bikers at the event this year, and some of them brought bags full of toys to donate.

Watch a full video report!

(via Tristate Homepage)