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Car Owners Call Motorcyclist “Bullies” Over Cali Lane Splitting Bill

Color me confused, but having lived in Los Angeles for years, I really thought this was already legal?

All the same, the California Assembly passed approved Assembly Bill 51, which would permit motorcyclists to split lanes so long as they aren’t going anymore than 50 mph or 15 mph faster than adjacent lane traffic is moving. The bill is now heading to Senate. It passed overwhelmingly, 53 to 11. But not everyone is happy about this, namely automobile drivers who may have to look up from texting more often than they’d like.

Cheryl Hale of Concord said motorcyclists were “bullies on the road who expect everyone to just move over and give them the space they need”

I think the idea here is that they are “splitting lanes,” which means that your car doesn’t actually have to move over. When I am riding, the one thing that stands out for me when it comes to motorist is that they are driving incredibly distracted (texting, makeup, eating those Taco Bell one handed breakfast that are advertised to be eaten WHILE YOU DRIVE).

Maybe when motorists start taking the road as serious at riders, then we can have this conversation. Until then, point out a motorcyclist texting or applying makeup to me when you have it.

Dog Riding Motorcycle At 70mph. Wait, What? (insane video)




I’ve seen a few things in my life. Like I once saw hundreds of sharks decimate a group of fish at the beach. I also remember seeing Pizza Hut add cheese inside their crust ends (seriously, that was pretty crazy to me).

But this IS a first.

This dog, strapped to the back of a biker, is doing a legit 70mph on a freeway. That’s the I-15, so maybe LA or LA to Vegas? I have no idea where this woman and her dog are going, but we should share this article and get the “back story” if we can.

Is she a Biker Planet member? If so, her video is sure to get tons of views, my biker friends. Yes, the dog is wearing doggy goggles. No one else should post any motorcycle videos for at least a week because this shit is winning.


These Bikers Honoring Fallen Soldiers Is Tear Jerking


Image courtesy of Twitter. Scroll Down for Video

I don’t cry a lot. Actually, I never cry. Ok, not true, I cried at the end of Titanic. And maybe I cried a little during Wicked Tuna. But typically, I just don’t cry a lot. But something about Bikers riding for our fallen soldiers that just brings out the tears in me.

Yesterday in Washington D.C., Rolling Thunder bikers honored our fallen soldiers and veterans with this incredible motorcycle rally!

Can’t say enough about how amazing it is to see people come together for such a meaningful day. Memorial Day often gets lost in the “3 day weekend” billing, so when a big group of bikers get together and serve as this kind of a reminder, it can only serves us well.

Can’t Miss Biker Babe Friday (you don’t want to miss these girls)

It’s Friday. And there is no better way to relax on a Friday than to that of seductive biker babe beauties. Better yet? These biker babes are actually single biker babes that joined Biker Planet. This ain’t no Google Images, these are real profile pictures.

Now allow that amazing insanity to digest for a moment, folks.

These Single Biker Girls On Facebook Will Blow Your Mind. (pics)

How is this even possible?

I am pretty sure the handlebars have been raised with these girls (man that pun was freaking awesome, wasn’t it?). If you are a single guy, you have no excuse, there are like an incredible amount of girls out there looking and not enough guys responding. One dating article I was reading actually said not enough guys send real messages to girls, they just end copy and paste stuff.

One of our Biker Planet girl members told us via email, “if guys only knew how many girls are single and how many are just looking for a guy to write an original message, they’d be in heaven.”



So what do single girls online prefer? Almost every girl polled prefers original messages, something authentic, even if the guy just says hi! Most girls have said they can smell a copy and paste job from a mile away!

19 Incredible Single Biker Girl Pics (number 7 is just my type…)

I can never figure out how some girls are still single. The hot single girl in the bar is a dying breed, folks. But the hot single girl on a dating site has no shortages. These are actual Biker Planet girls. Single girls. Someone should take them out for a damn taco, because these kinds of girls deserve tacos and romance.

3 Reasons You Have To See Mad Max Fury Road.


This weekend I stumbled into Mad Max Fury Road. I did so because the wife wanted to see a movie and the idea of sitting through Pitch Perfect 2 felt like needles penetrating my arm pits. I also took a chance based on the trailer which is TOTALLY FREAKING INSANELY AWESOME. What I got was one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve ever had in a theater (other than the time I made out with my first girlfriend in High School, but otherwise, the statement stands).

My recommendation is that everyone go see this damn movie immediately. You don’t even need to read this article, seriously, just go see it. I don’t care if I wasted my time writing this.

Anyone who says they will go see the movie, right here, right now, gets a free Biker Planet profile and they have the added bonus of taking a date to the movie (or being taken). Click here to take the deal.  Ok, Biker Planet memberships are always free, but I thought I’d throw that in there because I’m such a nice guy.

Beware though, instead of smelling like onions to your date, you will leave the theater smelling like gasoline. Sexy? You’re damn right it is. 

So why should you see it?

There are some bad ass chases, and they involve Motorcycles

The chase scenes in Fury Road are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. EVER. Actually, Patton Oswalt may have said it best when he left the theater.

The movie is one long chase scene (I’m giving nothing away) and that makes it absolutely perfect. 2 hours, 1 minute, shit flying as insane post-apocalyptic machinery blazens a path of movies history across the Australian outback. And honestly, it could go another hour. The effects are great, but don’t expect CGI, the stunts are real, it looks real, it feels real.

There is a guy playing a flame throwing guitar on the front of a huge truck racing through the desert

I’ll see your Nazi’s melting face at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark and give you a masked villainess guitarist with a guitar that doubles as a flame thrower, ripping cords atop a barren stage welded to the front of a speeding rig. And I win this. Every time. Fury Road does things movies have never done and may never do again (until part two is ready, of course). This movie offers you a rock and roll in the form of an abrupt slug to the face. And it feels so damn good. Imagine and ACDC concert meeting Kill Bill meeting Clockwork Orange meeting those insane dreams you had as a small child: That’s this guy.

Girls are bad ass in this movie

Kill Bill has some awesome girls. But they pale in comparison to Charlize Theron pumping a toxic and explosive oil rig through a desert while being chased by post-apocalyptic savages swaying from steeples on chasing trucks. This movie does not discriminate, even older women are killing in the name of heroism and martyr initiatives. The women are beautiful and sexy, suffering and relentless.

Are you seriously going to see Pitch Perfect 2 instead?

If you have daughters who want to see this, or nieces, I get it. Drop in, it is probably great fun. But Mad Max Fury Road is the adult time you and your friends have been looking for.

I mean, look at this.