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Women Riders Weekend Bash All Set For Oct. 9-12, 2015 In Florida

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Female motorcyclists should start getting ready for celebrating their passion at a four-day event hosted by Road Queen USA, in a charitable run.
This event is organized to bring all women motorcycle riders together. There will be a lot of bonding, fun, friendships, but also awesome garage parties, presentations, meet-n-greets, dancing, group rides and live bands all across Florida’s Gulf Coast.
Girls, get ready to get your sisterhood on all weekend long with amazing activities organized just for you, some of which include:

• Brittany Morrow, Brand Specialist at Icon Motorsports shows off the latest in women’s motorcycle gear.
• Presentation and book signing by Katy Olliff Ishee, biker, author, survivor
• Presentation by Medical Education Training Center of Florida, downed motorcycle, first responder basic action
• Saturday morning ride to Ocala for Ladies Garage Party, riding demonstration, how to pick up a downed motorcycle, with brunch included.
• Kick off your boots for a girls party at High Octane in Homosassa Saturday Night, live concert by the Greg Billings Band, vendors, drawings, photo booth, and giveaways

…and so much more!

Road Queen USA, Inc. is a registered public charity that helps veterans, children and various communities in need. In 2011, they have gathered supplies and funds to help towns that were devastated by tornadoes. In 2014 they have raised more than $12,000 for purchasing an all-terrain wheelchair for injured veterans.

“This is a chance for women riders to help us help the communities they live in, ” Dalton said. “Road Queen USA was designed specifically to harness the power of women to aid our country’s sons and daughters.”

Tickets for this event are on sale already. Visit for more information!
(via Biker News Online)

Are You Ready For Northwest Arkansas?

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The 16th Bikes, Blues and BBQ  is getting closer each day.

Between 300,000 and 400,000 people are expected to roar into town from all over the country. We’re talking tons of people who are more than ready to have great times meeting new friends and reconnecting to old ones.

We’re also talking millions of dollars flowing into Fayetteville.

The organizers say they keep the event fresh by nourishing past attractions and keeping all the things people used to enjoy in the past – but add many new ones each year as well.

Those who attend have already filled hotels in the area and tourism officials say this is the most important event of the area because nothing drives such a sellout like Bikes, Blues and BBQ!


Delmarva Bike Week – 15th Anniversary

Photo credit: Delmarva Bike Week

Delmarva Bike Week has been one of the best events in the US, and they’re celebrating their 15th year anniversary in 2015!
From Thursday, Sept. 17 to Sunday, Sept. 20, bikers will be able to hit the East Shore and enjoy one of the biggest biker rallies on the eastern seaboard.
It runs through two states and three cities and counties, offering various events taking place in Perdue Stadium, Rommel Harley-Davidson Delmarva, WinterPlace Park and Seacrets.

As the event organizers have stated, this will be “The Year We Rock”, and the event is going to feature all rock bands this year, so get ready for some rockin’!
Hand in hand with some awesome rock music, about 300 vendors with big motorcycle industry names will be featured, including Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Rommel, and many more.

“I think if you look at Delmarva Bike Week, we offer something that no one else does in the country,” marketing director Chase Micheal said. “(The fact that) people are taking vacation time to come to your event is pretty amazing. The responses keep getting better and better every year.” (via DelmarvaNow)

Check out the full schedule of events!

Easy Riders Rodeo Tour 2015

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Are you ready for North America’s wildest motorcycle party? One hot event coming up in just 3 days in Fowlerville!

General Camping Information:
Tickets are sold at the gate no advanced sales.
Camping is primitive. There may be some hook-ups but no guarantee. First come first serve.
Must have weekend wristband to enter campground. No campground entry with a one day pass.
Camp fires must be contained.
Showers on site.
Pack it in – Pack it out!
No weapons. No glass bottles.
Cameras allowed (cannot sell, give, or offer for sale any pictures or accounting of this event for publication without the permission of Easyriders Events).
Food & Beer on sale.
Lots of Action–Live music, ride in bike show (vote for your favorite bike), motorcycle trade show, barstool races, wet t-shirt and trophy girl contest, poker crawl, rodeo events; slow race, wienie bite, barrel race, potato haystack, tire ride, and sled pulls.

(via easyridersevents)

Some sweet prizes are featured at the competition! 

Some of the shows are free to enter, while others include lots of sweet prizes and free stuff, after ticket purchase. Many interesting competitions are happening, from rodeo to wet t-shirt contest!

Check out Easyridersevents for more info!

The Amazing Biker/Artist – Albie Espinola


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How many of us are lucky enough to live our greatest passion, and actually make a living out of it? Albie Espinola is an amazing artist who is living the dream and capturing its essence in his paintings.

“I’m a person who loves life and hopes to inspire people to live their dream. My purpose in life is to create art that will last generations. My passion is motorcycles. There are not many other things in life that give me feelings of freedom and happiness than when I’m creating masterpieces or exploring the world on my Harley-Davidson.
Inspired by the impressionist masters of yesteryear as well as modern legend motorcycle artist David Mann, my motorcycle portraits are painted in suggestive, layered details, right down to the reflections within reflections using timeless oil paints for my art.”

Albie says each painting has hidden messages that are quite hidden from the naked eye. They are encased within the layers of paint. He documents all of his art from start to finish so people can have a clear insight into how much work and time is put into these masterpieces.

Check out the rest of Albie’s amazing work at his official website.

Common Myths About Biker Chicks Busted

Biker girl

We’ve all heard a whole bunch of misconceptions regarding biker girls. And by biker girls I mean real women who ride motorcycles, not models who dress up in leather and pose next to a bike. As ridiculous as they sound, they still tend to spread like virus and I believe it is time to bust those silly myths once and for all. So, let’s get started:

Biker girls aren’t feminine

I just can’t get over this one. Have those people who say this ever really met a biker chick? Have they even seen a single photo of a woman and her motorcycle? If so, are they blind?

I can’t think of another kind of girl that sends out as much sex appeal and as much girl-power vibe as a biker chick does. Biker girls do all those things other girls do, you know, like, make up, dress up and glam up! A biker girl won’t show up wearing biker gear at a black tie event. In fact, every woman should know a biker chick could give you the best advice on all-girly things like waterproof make up, or a dozen ways to style your hair so it doesn’t mess up under a hat or a helmet. She could give you tons of advice on how to pack all of your necessities, including makeup, perfume, lingerie, clothes, and even cute shoes – into one single container.

Biker girls are easy

Let’s be clear on this one: I know many girls who have dated most men they’ve met, and guess what? They aren’t biker chicks! Not one of them!

Most biker chicks I know are in monogamous relationships or happily married. All those ignorant people out there should know that all those half-naked girls they see on posters, you know, the ones that act like they can’t wait to get actually naked, those aren’t real biker girls. They are models who are PAID to act that way and support the fantasy of men around the world. Wanna know why they’re told to act this way? So ordinary men would visit the biker shows and pay their passes!

Biker girl’s bodies are covered with tattoos

Ok, so I do know several biker chicks that have tattoos, and I certainly know some of them who have piercings. But this is hardly a rule all biker girls go by. In fact, most biker girls I know don’t have tattoos. Not one tattoo, imagine that. That said, I haven’t met a single one whose body is actually covered with tattoos. I’m sure such vixens exist, but I haven’t met one in person. Have you? I have, however, seen several women who are covered with tattoos and – again, guess what? They aren’t bikers!

Some people like piercings, some people like tattoos, some people like cherry pie. It has nothing to do with owning a motorcycle. Never has, never will.

Biker girls cuss all the time

I have to admit I’ve heard biker guys swear like crazy when they get together. Not all of them do it, and they don’t do it all the time, but it does happen. Biker girls, however, are a whole different story. They are as lady-like as any other woman. They laugh at their guy’s jokes, but boys will be boys, and how can you not laugh at a good joke?

Biker girls talk about their bikes all the time

Umm no, they don’t. Let’s say you are an ordinary person who doesn’t own a bike, and you have a strong passion for knotting. Would you talk about knotting all the time? Didn’t think so.

Let’s make this clear: when there’s a ton of bikers hanging out, a huge part of the conversation will involve motorcycle talk, but hey, they’ve come together because they share a passion and of course they’re going to talk about it. You’d talk about knotting if you went to your knotting club, right?

Once you’re one on one with a biker girl, you will have a million of other things to talk about. Why in the world would she talk to you about her bike, if she knows you know nothing about owning or riding one? Biker girls have colorful, exciting lives, and you can bet the conversations will be vivid and interesting.

All biker girls are blonde

This one is a winner! I mean LOL! Seriously, it’s too funny to even accept the fact some people might think this, but sadly, they really do.

No, folks, not all biker chicks are blonde. There are many blonde biker chicks, but they don’t even make a majority. A girl will dye her hair any color that fits her, and biker chicks have not made the blonde color their own brand. Maybe Barbie-ish girls have, but not biker chicks.

At the end of the day, biker girls are like regular girls, but sexier. Accept it, deal with it, and stop spreading silly myths that make no sense. Thank you!

Attracting A Hot Biker Date Online: How To Make It Happen


Tasto love 6
As technology evolves rapidly, so does the way we make friends, meet our soul mates, and communicate in general. The dating game has changed, and there’s no going back to old school at this point. Could you imagine getting a girl’s phone number on a napkin, and considering it a success? It’s very romantic, rustic and old style, and, yes, it still happens sometimes, but very, very rarely.

Bikers who want to find a date go to biker dating sites. Everyone is on the internet today, and so is the special human species called bikers. Although there are many mixed couples out there, the ideal relationship for a biker would be with another biker. It might sound too exclusive, but think about it: wouldn’t you want a date who shares your biggest passion?
The first thing you should understand is that the success of online dating does not depend on the dating website alone. There are a number of other factors you need to consider if you want to attract the date you are looking for.

First thing’s first: learn more about your own desires and capabilities. Are you looking for someone to hang out with, or are you looking for a long term relationship? Are you ready to make another person happy?

Let’s take a look at the essential questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you have time for dating?

Online dating eventually leads to real life dating. You might think you won’t have to invest time into finding your perfect date online, but think again. Regardless of the way your relationship starts (online or offline), you will need to spend a certain amount of time searching for the perfect date, and developing a relationship with him/her. It’s not just creating a profile and waiting for a hot biker to jump out of your computer. Make sure you are prepared to invest some time into getting to know your potential dates, because even though we’re talking about online dating, people still need to click and feel the chemistry.

Are you ready to dedicate to this?

Dedication is probably the key element of online dating. You can’t just jump from one profile to another, flirt with hundreds of singles, and expect one of them to decide to give their heart and soul to you. It’s people you’re talking to, not bots. These people need to get to know you better, they need to see that you are someone who is worthy of their time. Without dedication, it’s highly unlikely you will succeed on any dating site, regardless of its name and reputation.

Can you make your date happy?

If there’s one thing each and every biker who dates online has in common – it’s their desire for a good time and happiness. You need to understand you’re not the only one who’s important. Just as you would like someone to make you happy – so would all those other singles.

Not every biker single is the same; individuality is an important part of their lives. There are many ways to make a person happy, but the only way to discovering those many ways, is to learn as much as you can about the single biker that you would like to date. Once you know your potential date better, once you figure out what it is that he/she wants in a partner, you will be able to realize if you are the right person for them, or not. Don’t be selfish, and go on teasing people you have no interest in making happy. Remember, the only way to accomplish personal happiness is by finding the right person, and making that person happy.