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Tying The Knot At Sturgis

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In a biker’s world, there is no better way to put a ring on it, than heading to the Rally and getting married right on the spot. How does a Rally honeymoon sound to you?

Tina and Bobby Owens, along with three other biker couples, got married during a mass biker wedding on Saturday at the Sturgis Rally.

Donny and Teresa Cox came all the way from Texas and renewed their vows during the ceremony.


Ever thought about doing something similar?

(via KSFY) Black Hills Rally Weddings revved into town about 8 years ago – but this was the first year they held a mass ceremony – with 4 couples walking down the aisle.

Kathee McFarland, with Black Hills Rally Weddings, said “The couples that do it have an adventurous spirit and they want to have fun, they have a fun spirit. And it’s unique, it’s different.”

The family–run business says this is the start of a Rally tradition in Lead and they hope next year will be even bigger.

Find out more about these amazing ceremonies at Black Hills Rally Weddings

Biker Girls: What They’re Looking For In A Man

As I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous blogs, there’s only one thing sexier than a man on a Harley: a woman on a Harley. Let’s be honest, a chick that rides a bike automatically scores at least 5.6 additional sexy points. Biker girls are sexy, confident, and they know exactly what kind of a man they want by their side.

Just to be clear, you can’t really know what each biker chick wants, nor can you have a perfect recipe that works for all of them. They are strong individuals, each of them is a masterpiece on its own, and they aren’t afraid to let their amazing personalities shine through. If you want to date a biker girl, it’s your job to capture that personality, acknowledge it, and follow up with your own amazing self.

Although there is no universal recipe for attracting and keeping the right biker girl, there are certain factors all of them look for in a man, so let’s check what you should, or shouldn’t do.

  • Biker girls like men who stay the hell out of their own comfort zone

Don’t expect the perfect biker gal to just come knocking at your door. Take action, get out there and find your perfect woman. You wouldn’t believe how many men find this intimidating. It’s completely understandable you’d rather sit in front of your pc and look at hot biker girls’ photos, but you do realize it’s impossible to materialize the photo and make the girl fall into your lap.

Biker girls don’t like passive guys. They are filled with passion, they want excitement. They want to be swept off their feet by strong, confident men who know what they want and who aren’t afraid to get out there and get it. Don’t wait for her to seduce you – let her know how much you like her, show that sexy, strong, masculine personality of yours.

  • Biker girls like men who don’t pretend to be something they’re not

Probably the most important factor of all: STAY REAL! Always be yourself around biker girls. Don’t pretend you’re something you think she would like you to be. Don’t do that. She’ll see right through you, I promise you this.

If you have your hopes up high about a certain biker woman you really like, the only way to get her to like you back is to be yourself. What’s the point in pretending to be someone you’re not? What are you going to do if, by some chance, this hot chick falls for the persona you’re acting to be? Do you plan on acting forever? Didn’t think so.

One of the best things about biker girls is that they don’t play make believe. They are comfortable in their own skin, they are open-minded, and they want a man who is just like them. These women are authentic, and they won’t appreciate you unless you are, too. Everyone has flaws, so accept yourself for what you really are, and go for it!

  • Biker girls like men who enjoy life

You shouldn’t expect a biker girl to come into your life and make it exciting, especially if you don’t feel good about yourself. Believe it or not, you can have an amazing life without a woman by your side. If you feel miserable, and have nothing going on, chances are you won’t stand a chance with a biker girl. What is she supposed to do with you? She doesn’t exist to animate you, you know.

Get out there and start living your life, do the things you enjoy doing, go on trips you dream about, motivate yourself to finally start living the life you’ve always wanted. Once this happens, and once you start feeling good about your life, guess what? The perfect woman, the sexy biker vixen is going to feel attracted to you – because they love a man who knows how to have fun; because they love a man who isn’t afraid to live his life to the fullest; because they love a man who appreciates each day. Living a life that’s filled with success, laughter, fun and enthusiasm is going to attract a wide range of biker girls, so what are you waiting for?

Photo by Bruno_Caimi

What Makes Biker Guys So Irresistible

Biker holding helmet with motorcycle on sunset.

There is something about bikers that makes them irresistible to women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Women just can’t look away when a hot man on a motorcycle comes in sight. They give the bad-boy appeal a new dimension and you can’t spot that kind of allure anywhere else. Let’s be honest here, what’s sexier than a man on a Harley? Only one thing – a woman on a Harley, of course, but in this post, we’re focusing on the testosterone wonders we all like to drool over: biker guys.

Did you know that the term “motorcycle” is among the most popular terms women type in search directories, when browsing through online profiles? And this doesn’t only refer to biker gals, but all women in general. At the end of the day, every woman wants a man with a little extra of that special ingredient in a guy: testosterone. Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with metrosexuals and sensitive guys, but a rebellious, fearless man – is a rebellious, fearless man. The magic that comes along with that charming bad boy vibe splattered with independence and self-reliance is what a true man is all about. And no one pulls it off like bikers do.

Bikers Have An Unstoppable Lust For Life

We know for a fact that biker buys are considered strong, adventurous, rebellious and tough. Fortunately, they are now more socially acceptable than they were in the past. Any respectable citizen can have a candid fun-factor in their garage, and turn into a smoking hot biker whenever they feel like it. Just like tattoos, motorcycles are no longer exclusively associated with outlaws, but that sexy bad boy vibe still lives on, and let’s thank the heavens for that.

Although biker guys freely embrace risks and tend to be on the rebellious side, the tough bad-boy exterior is, in fact, perfectly balanced by a soft, kind side when they’re off their ride. They are protective of their woman; they know how to make a girl happy in every way. Most of the bikers I’ve ever known are kind, intelligent men with hearts so big, they could fit the whole world in there. Yes, they are masculine, yes, they are tough, but they are also some of the sweetest, gentlest men you’ll come across.

Bikers Are Spontaneous

Any guy who owns a bike and enjoys riding it is the sort of a man you can expect to say: “Wanna go for a ride?” out of the blue. If the mood hits him, and he wants to head to the seashore, or the roads, or anywhere else, he will most certainly seize the moment and indulge his cravings. And the best part is: he’ll take his woman with him.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of the wind blowing in your face, while you’re squeezed with your big, sexy men. All you need to do is relax and let him take you for a ride that’s going to make you feel free, excited, empowered, strong and feminine at the same time. Is there a girl in this world that wouldn’t like this feeling? I don’t think so.

Bikers Are The Only Possible Match For Biker Girls

When a woman owns a bike and considers herself an avid rider, she simply can’t be with a man whose idea of a good time is sitting on the couch all night, eating popcorn. Boring, convenient guys can’t keep up with all the passion and lust for adventure biker gals have. Of course they are going to look for a man with a motorcycle. Not because riding together itself gives space for meaningful conversations (it doesn’t), but because they share a huge passion, and they understand each other perfectly. You can’t have that with an ordinary guy. You can’t take an ordinary guy on a ride with you, without feeling more powerful than he is – and no real woman wants that. A biker girl wants to find a tough, strong man with a motorcycle, so their bikes can roar together and make them feel as connected as possible.

Dating a biker makes even the toughest women feel girly and tender. Nowadays, women no longer look to men for affirmation, or permission. As awesome as this might be, we all like to feel like a lady every once in a while. Jumping on your man’s bike and letting him lead the way, trusting him with your life and feeling like a protected, tender woman is one of the best feelings a gal can get. It might sound a little bit old fashioned – and it probably is, but, boy, does it feel good!

Bikers: the ultimate rebellious, strong, masculine, protective and sweet men – this is what dreams are made of.

How To Have An Awesome 1st Date With A Biker

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So, you’ve met a hot biker and your first date is just around the corner. Dating a biker might seem challenging, especially if you have no previous experience, but once you realize bikers are far less complicated than people who don’t enjoy an occasional ride, you’ll understand there’s nothing to stress about.

The truth is it’s very easy to impress a biker with an outstanding first date. They have a great sense of adventure, they are free spirited, they enjoy the little things and they are very adaptable. Does this sound threatening? Not at all, if you ask me.

When planning your first date with a biker, you should be aware of several things: they don’t care for expensive restaurants with dishes they can’t even pronounce properly; they don’t care for colorful cocktails with cheesy umbrellas, nor do they think sitting at a restaurant for hours is fun. Their idea of a good time won’t clear up your wallet, nor will it make you feel the need you have to dazzle them by pretending to be someone else. Free spirits such as bikers enjoy the sense of freedom and adventure, and they most certainly enjoy people who are laid back, outgoing, and not afraid to show their true nature.

What you need to ask yourself, when planning that big date, is: what would a biker like to do? Going on a ride is the first logical answer that comes to mind, and yes, taking off with your motorcycle and feeling the power of the roaring bike together is the best thing you can do.

But where should you go?

Plan The Route And The Destination

If we lived in a perfect world, you would come up with a gorgeous, scenic ride that leads to an awesome restaurant instantly, but in the real world, you might have to work on this idea a bit. The best thing about taking a biker on a date is the fact that the main point is to be out there doing something together – the rest is just a cherry on top. If you want to come up with a perfect plan, sit down and think about what your area has to offer. Use your imagination; think about what would be fun to see up close, which road is traffic free and good for a ride. Where would you like this biker of yours to take you?

Maybe some of these ideas will get your imagination flowing:

  • Is there a town nearby with great architecture? Take a ride all the way to it and then have a break when you arrive, taking your date to lunch at an unusual restaurant.
  • Drive out to a small place in the country and stroll around it until you find a nice scenic hilltop for a picnic. Prepare the picnic basket at home and bring lunch with you.
  • Look up the local landmarks and stay in the city. Have an exciting ride down the longest street you can think of, and then visit several historic spots from place to place. Learn new stuff about your city and amaze your date by hitting them with interesting info.

Bikers are very observant. Their very lives depend on carefully looking around them and actually seeing what they are looking at. Your date will appreciate the fact you too enjoy noticing everything around you – the nature, the architecture, the people. Think of a long, clean road that leads to a scenic place, and go for it.

The Only Rule Is To Have Fun!

Remember, when dating a biker, even when you have a precise plan, there are no set rules. Try to be flexible enough to change your plans and stop anywhere along the road to do anything you or your date might want to do. If you planned on heading to the beach, but saw a nice looking grill/café/ restaurant along the way, then that’s the new plan! Get off your bike and buy your date a cold drink, use the break to find out more about their free spirited nature. Bikers are the best storytellers you’ll ever meet. Someone who has ridden across the country for several times has many interesting things to say. Chat, flirt, laugh, enjoy your drink. As long as you’re having fun, it’s all good.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy looking to impress a biker girl, or a girl who wants to sweep a hot biker dude off his feet, jumping on a bike with the person of interest right behind you, or right in front of you is an unforgettable experience. And bikers know this. Feel the power of the motorcycle running up and down your spine while holding on tight to that wild, sexy beast you’re having a date with, add a perfect sense of freedom that runs through your body, and I promise you, you will both have the time of your life.

Biker Bar, Coyote Ugly Inspiration, Set To Close

The owner, Michelle Dell, says she can’t pay $60k in rent and continue charging $3 for beer. He is allegedly being forced out of the bar by landlord Thor Equities. They want to raise the rent by $14.000 monthly, which would be a total of $60.000 a month, which is close to quarter a million a year.

Given the fact this is not a bar that sells $12 beers and $15 margaritas, Michelle has to go out of business.

Nothing worse than losing historical eateries and bars with what we can only assume will be “trendier” replacements. But not to worry, Hogs and Heifers is keeping all the bras that made the bar so…well…”historical.”

Photo by david_shankbone

‘Pray For Chattanooga Ride’ – Gotta Love Our Bikers!

image credit: youtube

image credit: youtube

Kevin Matthews took to Facebook asking that Bikers ride in solidarity out of respect for the fallen military servicemen, but even he had no idea how amazing the turnout would be!

There is nothing more ‘feel good’ than when our bikers show support for our military. They rode alongside where 5 servicemen were killed without reason. Check out the video and hear from many of the bikers who took to the streets of Chattanooga to make a difference and show support!