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Bikers Sticking Up For Disabled Girl Beaten By Bullies Is The Best Thing Ever.

Image credit: youtube

Image credit: youtube

A group of bikers called The Punishers have stepped in to help when a 5 year old girl was bullied.

The Punishers are former cops and nurses, among others.  They try to help their communities as much as they can, especially when it comes to those in need of protection.

The little girl’s parents asked the group to step in and help her. The Punishers showed up and told the girl a lot of amazing things.

Check out the video!

Check Out The Video

Harley-Davidson CEO Aims To Get Back Youth



Harley-Davidson is the biggest, most premier brand in motorcycles that’s ever been. Its name is one that reminds us of 1960’s rebellion and the sound of its pipes roaring incites a fiery in our souls.

However, today’s world is a far cry from the hippie-centric, free-spirited days we knew back then. Today’s youth are enslaved to smartphones, tablets and gaming machines. The technology that has propelled out evolution 10-fold, has also chained us to text messages and Facebook statuses. Meaning, we just don’t live as much in the “now” as we used to. And Harley-Davidson CEO, Matt Levatich, wants to find a way to appeal to youth again amidst the aforementioned climate.

Appealing to the youth is not without extreme challenges, as is capturing their attention. Levitates son ended up at Yale University and his friends were astounded that the son of such a prominently positioned executive at Harley-Davidson doesn’t even ride a motorcycle (he eventually did get his license).

Harley’s pricing in another issue. The youth can’t afford the bikes anymore. Their stock has suffered greatly because their competitors offer more economical versions of their bikes. Harley intends to look into changing where they purchase parts, but they aren’t going to make hasty, reactionary decisions.

These Adventure Seeking Bikers Rode 21 Days In Vietnam.


The spirit of life can often be captured when we start up our bikes. For many of us, a motorcycle is more than just a method of modern transportation device. It is a metaphor for our unique, free-the-animal inside spirits. It is our passion, our blooming souls, our growing and evolving spirits. Motorcycle riders are the uncaged machines of a boundless and chain-less world surrounding us.

Meet Laura Heidenreich, who, alongside her trusty Ducati Scrambler, embarked upon such a spirit tale with a group of her friends from Chicago’s windy city. The Hilo Project, as the tive riders named it, started their adventure in Saigon and took it all throughout Vietnam for 7 days. There is a full group interview on Business Insider, though below is an excerpt and some awesome images.

The group made friends with bikers and other locals over the course of their trip even though only one of the bikers, Catherine Pham, was able to speak Vietnamese.

We spoke with Chris Force, who spearheaded the trip, about the group’s experience and how the biker scenes in Chicago and Vietnam differ.

This Motorcycle Will Cost You $184,000.


So you’ve got just under $200k in disposable income burning a hole in the floor underneath your bed. You just can’t figure out what you’d like to spend it on. Well, now we’ve got a solution for you.

Honda has unveiled its newest motorcycle, and for the humble cost of $184k, it can be all yours. Built from the Honda MotoGP motorcycle style (it shares 80 percent of the same parts), this machine can do everything BUT fly (and hey, maybe you can just buy some wings).

Might be time to pick up a few new shifts and get some overtime, my friends…

Cyclists Karma or Overreactive Motorists? (video)




image credit: youtube scroll down for video


Cyclists don’t always have the greatest of relationships with motorists, and of course, vice versa.


But in this case, many motorists are celebrating a karmic victory when a cyclists tells a motorist to “f__’ off” after he passes another cyclist.

Biker Confronts Motorist Texting, Moments Later Driver Crashes Him



Wow, only days after California pushed a Lane Splitting bill to help motorcyclists stay safe out there, we get this terrible video. In short, this motorcyclist catches an annoying man in BMW texting and driving, so the biker pulls up beside him and tells him to put down the phone. The BMW catches up to him shortly after a left-hand turn and allegedly causes him the biker to crash. And it is all on a Go Pro.

Here’s the video!