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Biker Slams Road Rage’d Man To Ground and Choke Holds

image credit: world star hip hop

image credit: world star hip hop

Road rage can be out of control sometimes. Check out this cager and the way he attacks a motorcyclist for lane-splitting.

The rider says he saw a lady in front of him texting while driving, which made him not feel safe, so he decided to lane-split. This didn’t make the truck driver happy at all!

Check out the video!

Bikers Now Allowed To Run Red Lights In Kentucky. Good or Bad?


When it comes to red lights and bikers, well, they don’t always mix that well. Motorcycles aren’t heavy or robust enough to always trigger light changes, amounting to a load of frivolous time wasted for bikers (and those behind them) sitting at red lights.

Obviously, many bikers wait until appropriate moments and carefully go ahead, but the law has always upheld that to be illegal. Sensors look for vehicle weight or metal and motorcycles aren’t always “good enough” to get that coveted green light of mercy.


At least now in Kentucky, that’s changing. HB 370 is a new piece of legislation which allows motorcyclists in Kentucky to “run a red light.” And it the new law is live starting on this Wednesday.

One biker says he sees the good and bad about this law.

( via wsaz) “I have mixed feelings about it,” Ellerbe said. “From the perspective of a motorcycle driver, I could understand why the law would be a good thing. But then I’m looking at pedestrians and other drivers. You know, are they going to pay attention to the other drivers and pedestrians?”


The law should serve to be a better, more efficient mechanism for travel all over Kentucky. Do you agree?

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Texas Bikers Say They Are Innocent Regarding Waco Shootout.


The most tragic biker story of this summer continues. Back in may there was a fight between rival bikers that quickly escalated into a disastrous shootout. It all happened near a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Nine people were killed and 20 injured. A total of 177 people were arrested.

Out of the 177, a few claim they don’t belong to any biker club or gang at all. Walt and Ester Weaver are some of these people. Walt is completely stunned by the actions of the authorities and the way this situation is handled.

Walt is a veteran and he still works for the Army. He’s a 54-year-old Harley rider and says he used to be a member of some clubs in the past but isn’t one now.

Many other stories just like this are on NPR today. (click here for more)

The key in this is the massive amount of bikers involved and the chaotic environment of which it happened in creating a real troublesome environment for collecting evidence and finding reliable witnesses. Hopefully, those who truly are innocent are able to rectify the situation sooner, rather than later.

Photo by Sam Howzit

This Bikers Against Child Abuse Video is Awesome.

image credit : youtube

image credit : youtube

Talk about bikers doing some real good for our communities, these bikers are fighting for the rights of of the voiceless: our precious children.

These guys work with small children who have been abused and hurt and give them therapy. Its a really great group with an even greater message. Check out the video below.

They talk about “taking the streets back.” the story is really cool.


Flag Burners Protest Cops. Bikers Show Up To Pounce Them. Burners Call Cops.


The sweet joys of irony. A group of flag burners showed up to well, burn some flags and protest some cops. Unfortunately for them, a group of bikers didn’t think too highly of them setting our flag on fire, so they started kicking their asses. And then the flag burners had to call the cops for help.

That’s awesome, of course.

One biker said the flag burners run away like little bi–hes. Once the bikers slapped them a couple of times, they run as fast as they could.

The flag burners have actually announced on social media that this flag burning is going to be a protest against NYPD policies. Their plan started going seriously wrong when counterprotesters, including a group of bikers, showed up.

Read more: nypost

Photo by Peachy Weasel

Bikers For Boobs. The Fight Against Breast Cancer.

Bikers for boobs is at it again, and this time it is to the tune of $6000 raised for Cascade County’s fight against breast cancer. If that’s not amazing news, then nothing in this world is.

The 6th Annual Bikers for Boobs Poker Run was a great success. Every penny is donated to the non-profit Women Against Breast Cancer. Over 250 motorcyclists participated. They rode from Great Falls through Sun Prairie, then Dutton, Choteau and Sun River before they headed back to the Great Falls.

Some participants played poker at each stop, while others just rode all the way through.

Breast Cancer is one of the most deadly cancers for women worldwide, funds are drastically needed to support research which hopefully yields cures in the future. Without fundraisers such as this, the money is definitely difficult to come by. Bikers are good hearted people, which is why we love them so darn much!

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When These Idiots Tried To Ruin A Marine’s Funeral, Bikers Came To Rescue


The Westboro Baptist Church is known for some pretty sick antics, but hardly any sicker than when they try to ruin a fallen serviceman’s funeral. In this case, the Patriot Guard rode in and made sure that the WBC was helpless in their mission to purvey bigotry and hatred.

When the riders show up, the WBC pipes down (pun intended). This is what America is all about, folks. This video never gets old. This is why we love bikers!

Published on Jun 29, 2012

May god bless you, and may god bless America, Thank you soldier for everything you’ve done for this country. There nothing more honorable in life than giving up your life, to protect your country and her children. I as well salute you Patriot Guard, Thank you for coming here and protecting there family from the WBC, so they may mourn there fallen solider in peace.