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THIS Is The Real Reason You Never Seem To Get What You Want

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Most of us have a close friend, you know the kind: you finish each other’s sentences, you know exactly what the other one’s thinking and you feel you can tell this person anything.

While you might be comfortable around this person, this might not be the case with your co-workers, your spouse, or even your children. Why? Because you choose not to communicate with them the way you do with your best friend.

When a person isn’t open and sincere about their wishes, goal and desires in a relationship, be that relationship business related or a personal one, it leads to frustration. It’s not frustrating for you only – it’s frustrating for the other side as well.

The answer and solution to all these situations is very simple: TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT.  That’s it. That’s all.


Despite what you might think, there are no mind readers. If you feel insecure about saying your wishes out loud and assume people are going to figure it out by themselves, you’re leaving huge space for misunderstandings.

Many people feel like they are being too pushy if they state their opinions loudly or ask for what they want. Many of us think we would come off as needy if we always stated the things that we disagree with. This isn’t the case. The only way people will know what you want is for you to tell them.

Out of all the relationships in our lives, there should be only a few that give us the bad vibe. It can’t be avoided, some people won’t like us and we won’t like them. But for the most part, you SHOULD feel you’re on the same side with the people you interact with; you should feel you’re on the same team.

Talk to people. Tell them what you want. Start with small things and watch how it all unveils. Once you realize you have to ask so you can receive, all of your relationships are going to start developing in a much smoother, satisfying way.

Your Answer To This Question Will Determine Your Success in Relationships

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You might think this question sounds silly, but it’s very telling and this is the right time to ask it.  It might appear strange to you, but here it is: Would you want to marry you?

The world we live in is filled with self-centered people constantly asking the same question: What’s in it for me? It happens with romantic relationships, it happens with all sorts of personal or business-related connections. Most people wonder what they’re getting out of it, but never wonder what they’re actually giving in return.

Life is about balance

Doesn’t matter if it’s karma you believe in, or it’s new-age version called the Law of Attraction, the point is that what goes around, comes around. And it really, really does.

Whatever you call this sense of balance, it most certainly goes for relationships. You need to give in order to receive. The most successful relationships are focused on giving, not receiving. A loving relationship is all about nurturing and caring about one another, rather than just thinking about yourself and your needs.

It’s not about keeping score and it certainly isn’t about expectations. It’s about wanting to create a universe of two – where both parties are happy and satisfied.

Now ask yourself: are you someone you’d marry or date? If so, why? Is it because you think you’re fantastic, or is it because you know exactly what you have to give to make a person happy?

Would you date you? Think about how you act on dates, think about the way you perceive dates. Do you try to amuse the partner? Would you go out of your way for them? Are you enjoyable to be around? Do people around you love talking to you? Are you trying to help those around you, are you trying to contribute to their well-being?

If you think the answer to all of these is a YES, then, by all means, congratulations!

BUT if you don’t recognize yourself in these questions and you can’t sincerely say you actually care a great deal about those around you, you will need to work on it. You need to understand you’re not the most important individual in this world and people don’t exist to please you. It’s a two-way street.

If you don’t give, and only focus on receiving, people are going to stop giving too. Chances are you’ll end up alone wondering what happened. Your lack of interest in the other party along with your lack of contribution to the relationship happened, that’s all.

It’s pretty simple. Your answer to that initial question will tell you a lot about the way other people perceive you: Would you want to be married to you? Would you want to be around you?

Think about it.

Things Guys Think You Lie About on Your Dating Profile

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If you think men believe everything they read on your dating profile, you are very wrong. Many of them have learned the sad truth: many women lie on their dating profiles. This is why men tend to think women in general lie about themselves.

Here is a list of thing men think women lie about on their profiles:

They think you lie about your looks

The hands down number one thing men think women lie about is their physics. Let’s be clear, there are many things you can lie about when it comes to looks, and men fear them all.

Your weight, your body type, your face without make-up and Photoshop, your height… You name it, they fear it. Make no mistake; men aren’t convinced you look the way your profile photo says you look. The reason is very simple: many women post photos of their faces only, so you can’t really tell anything about their bodies – and also, many women post photos that are 5+ years old.

The unwritten rule is – if you only show your face, men will think you either don’t have a presentable body, or you’re insecure about the body you have. Either way, a face- only photo scream insecurities.

Own your sexiness, show your full self. After all, if you set a date, it’s very unfair to show up 5 years older than your photo says, or 30 pounds heavier.

They think you lie about your age

Many men have experienced going out with a woman who says she’s 25, when in fact she’s 32. Out of all lies, this is probably the silliest one too. What if things go perfect, what if the couple clicks perfectly? Should the woman continue to lie for the rest of their life as a couple? How would she? What if they meet each other families or move in together?
As minor as this lie might sound, it’s VERY around and it is common knowledge that women lie very often about their age, especially on dating sites.

They think you lie about your romantic goals

If a woman says she’s looking for something casual a guy might not believe her. The reason for this is that many women lie about looking for just a fling while, in fact, deep inside they crave real commitment. Their desire for a real relationship turns up after a couple of dates/weeks or even months, and it leaves men feeling trapped.


The 7 Hidden Benefits to Dating A Biker


The adventurous spirit, the sexy rugged look, the charming sense of constant spontaneity – we all know about the obvious benefits of dating a motorcycle rider. But if you go ahead and ask those who have actually dated a biker, you’ll learn about a few extra perks!

In this article we’ll talk about the hidden benefits of dating a biker – the ones that aren’t so obvious, but, man, do they make a change.

1) Your Girlfriends WILL Be Jealous (even just a little bit)

Yes, you read that right. When a guy owns a motorcycle it’s like instant attraction points added: bikers are perceived as rebellious, sexy, powerful, but at the same time they’re socially acceptable and they’re very, very desirable as such. In fact, has done a survey that found out a very interesting fact: the word “motorcycle” was the second most frequently used search term by women who search through dating profiles! So you can be sure your girlfriends are going to be thinking: “My, my what a man she’s got”. Enjoy it.



2) Motorcycle Style, Here We Come!

Oh, the leather and chains! At some point, everyone has a fantasy about looking like a biker. The sexy jackets, the tight jeans or leather pants, the killer black leather boots and oh, those black shades! This is the classic uniform of awesomeness everyone recognizes at once.

But if you don’t ride a bike, it might be a little silly to explain why in the world you’re wearing a hip-length leather moto jacket over a small tank top and why exactly you’re wearing those knee-long booths in the middle of the summer.

Once you get your biker boy – voila! Hello sexy vixen, now you can go ahead and buy those $500 black leather pants you always wanted to wear. Now is the time to rock them.

3) Now You Don’t Have to Do Your Hair All the Time

The very idea of “feeling the wind in your hair” while on a motorcycle might sound sexy, but if you actually let your hair fly while going for a ride with your biker, you’ll end up with a tangled mess that smells like exhaust fumes.

A simple ponytail will do. In case your biker boy protests, all you need to do is point back to the tangled bunch of helmet hair on his head. He’ll get the picture.

wind hair photo

4) You’ll Always Know What’s the Perfect Gift for Him

Buying the right gift for a partner is a struggle – especially if it’s someone we haven’t been dating for a long time. How much should you spend? Should it be something romantic? How to get a meaningful present that shows your partner that you understand them?

Buying gifts is easy when you’re dating a biker. Whatever motorcycle brand he rides, give him a gift with that same brand name on it. And that’s it. Your biker will be over the top.

5) Motorcycles Attract Attention From Dudes, Mostly

As we previously said, a motorcycle is like a cheat code that makes a person far more attractive. This might make you think women will throw themselves at your biker anywhere he goes. In reality, a motorcycle does draw attention and it does start conversations – but with other guys.

Yes, it’s a plot twist, and it’s a real one. Ask any guy who rides. See diagram below for a clear illustration.

6) He’s Probably Great With His Hands – In More Than One Way

Motorcycle riders are mostly independent and self-reliant. Most of them are at least somewhat mechanically inclined because, hey, they need to know how to fix their bike when it breaks. At least, they need to know what’s wrong with it, and experienced bikers do.

This means he can probably fix stuff around the house. If he rides an old British BSA or a Norton, he can probably fix near anything! Same goes for a Harley and even dirt bikes. Unless he owns a brand new Ducati, you won’t need to hire a handyman ever again!

7) Bikers Are Happier and Smarter People

You never see a motorcycle rider in front of a psychiatrist’s office, and there’s a good reason for that. Riding a motorcycle is the best therapy you could ever get. Ask any rider. It’s the best form of stress relief you can find. Motorcycle riders report higher feelings of satisfaction and much lower stress levels compared to people who don’t ride. Of course, they project these cozy feelings onto their personal life and their relationships.

In addition, a recent Tokyo University study has shown that motorcycle riding enhances cognitive ability in bikers who ride regularly – in other words, bikers are smarter than regular people!

Photo by GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare

The Most Surprising Online Dating Behaviors People Are Secretly Judging You For


When it comes to dating deal-breakers, we all have them. It might be the fact the person tips very poorly, or they mistreat the waiter, or they smell bad, or they listen to Just Bieber. A deal-breaker is a complete turn off, regardless of how awesome we thought the person was in the first place.

It’s not a surprise there are many deal-breakers when it comes to online dating profiles – but the dealbreakers themselves might come as a surprise to you. Read on.

Slow down with the emoji game


Women and girls tend to hate emojis. They use them, but they hate it when a guy is over – emojional. It looks childish, it looks girly, they hate it.


You’re grammar is off = no date


Horrible grammar is annoying. You get a feeling you’re talking to a “slow” person, and that doesn’t mean people who are mentally challenged shouldn’t date, it just means it makes healthy people look like they’re mentally challenged.

And lose the cat smileys already!


The only thing worst than a bunch of emojis is a bunch of cat emojis. Most of us just don’t get it. Are you saying you’re a cat? Are you trying to be cute? Because it’s showing. And it doesn’t look cute. At all.



Many people just write “Hi” in a message, and then that’s it. Nothing else. What should the response be? What kind of a conversation starter are you thinking this “Hi” is? It’s annoying and not attractive at all.

Turn off those read recipients


When someone messages you and sees you’ve read their message, but you don’t get back to them, you will leave them feeling like cr*p. You don’t want that, right? So, what’s the solution – get back to them. Or turn off the read recipients.

The DOTS. . .


The dots… The dramatic, super-meaningful dots… People tend to end each sentence with those… Maybe to give some drama to the conversation… Maybe they think it’s romantic… It’s not…

No one wants a Gaston.


Conceited people are ridiculous. Seriously: NO ONE wants a Gaston. If you come off as a conceited person, peopel are going to assume you’re just as ridiculous and annoying in real life. And you’re probably bad in the bedroom department. Yep.


Photos of your testicles aren’t getting girls aroused


D*ck pics are the worst, just ask any woman on the planet who has access to a dating site (or some social network, while we’re at it). WOmen can’t understand why guys take them and send them. Are you in love with your penis? Do you really think you’re going to amaze the girl with that pic? Are you aware of the fact these photos are rarely flattering? Just stop.

Having deal-breakers is a huge deal-breaker


Then again, there are people who think that scratching someone just because they said “Hi” is ridiculous. You might be one step ahead of having too many deal-breakers. Maybe you’ve missed meeting the love of your life because they used a cat emoji once.


Do you agree with some of these? What’s your deal-breaker?



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Bikers from across US gather at Texas rally


GALVESTON, TX – Galveston, Texas welcomes riders at The Lone Star Biker Rally that has just begun.

Over 200,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts have arrived from all over the States to have fun and catch up on awesome gear and bikes.

An estimated half a million people are expected to ride onto the island, the local visitor’s bureau says.  Lone Star is getting bigger each year.

The rally started on Thursday and it ends on Sunday.

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(Video via WTOL11)